Álvaro Martín: “Team gold was the most important thing”


The Spanish athlete Álvaro Martín, the new national record holder for the 35-kilometre walk, stated this Sunday that “team gold was the most important thing” during the European Team Championship, played in the town of Podebrady (Czech Republic), and where there was a double of titles for Spain.

“This was the main objective, not only individual gold, but team gold, which was the most important thing. And to enjoy not only my good feelings, but also Miguel Ángel [López] also getting a medal”, declared Martín, after winning the race, to the microphones of the Royal Spanish Athletics Federation (RFEA).

Despite setting the new national record for this test in 2:25:35, he was especially happy “for María Pérez with that world record, that I was watching her in the test and said: ‘It’s going to be something very big'” . “Especially because of that women’s triplet and also winning by teams,” said Martín about her joy.

“In the end, we have to honor our discipline not only because of the great walkers who have been here, both men and women. And that we can continue continuing that legacy, especially with those great trainers that there are… well, it’s a glory that they can enjoy today, not only because of our successes, but also knowing that more results are coming”, commented the walker from Badajoz.

Regarding “the objective” of beating the national record, Martín had already warned in his training sessions. “I told my coach that yes, today he would let go of the reins to be able to go around,” he clarified. “He obviously cautiously told me: ‘Well, I’ll let you go strong,'” recalled the athlete from Badajoz.

“The feelings have been very good, really, especially thinking that this is the European Team Championship and that we want to try to do the best possible in that next World Cup in Budapest”, concluded Martín, thanks to his victory over the German Christopher Linke (2:27:05) and also Spanish Miguel Ángel López, who achieved bronze by finishing with a time of 2:27:33.