Álvaro de Luna confirms his relationship with Laura Escanes: “I am very happy”

The singer and the ex of Risto Mejide They have become the surprise couple of the fall. The news has jumped this Wednesday when they became the protagonists of a cover with a movie kiss in Tenerife, where they have passed the bridge of All Saints. Fresh from said escapade, Alvaro de Luna He has attended the press and confirmed his courtship with a smile: “Yes, I’m very happy”.

who also Risto Mejide has spoken through his social networks. The publicist, who was married to Laura for five years, has shared a reflection: “In the end, one is the result of his successes and his mistakes, everything adds up. And what happens between two adults who love each other is sacred.” Of course, then he has taken the final step with the mother of her daughter: he has stopped following her on Instagram, something that translates as the separation not being as cordial as they wanted to make it appear.

The one that has not yet said or mu is Laura Scanes. Weeks ago she denied her alleged affair with youtuber Mr. Jagger very upset and this same Tuesday she replied to her followers, who asked about her state of mind: “Little by little is the phrase that I repeat the most lately. It has not been an easy month but I am surrounded by my circle and hopefully with a lot of work and projects that make me get the best of me,” she says. “I think I’m living a bit by inertia without thinking too much because if it doesn’t make a world of it. I’ve been in therapy for months and that’s also very good for me. Everyone has their processes, their times, their roller coaster… But I am, which is not little.”