“Although we win, the handball in Spain does not improve; it is humiliating” |




The central Spain analyzes its future, that of the national team and that of its sport before the semifinal against Slovenia (8.30 pm)

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Caellas celebrates somewhat against Germany, in this European.

The coach of the national team parks before Tele2 Arena in Stockholm, leaves Joan Caellas (Santa Mara de Palautordera, 1986) sheltered to the eyebrows and, before entering the pavilion, keeps the iPad and a novel, Patria, of Fernando Aramburu. The book point indicates that he finished it soon, he has 100 pages left, 150 at most, but then he admits that he brought it from home and that during the European he has only walked it. I want to read, but I start watching rivals' videos and I don't read anymore. I'm motivated like when I started. All day analyzing, how the plants move, how they defend .. As I know this is over, I want to squeeze it to the fullest, confesses the central Spain, its director, a guy who talks and a lot of handball, but also others things, of his two careers yet to end -Pharmacy and Mrketing-, the upbringing of his two daughters, how to always be happy from here to there.

Is this over?
For this group, s. We have these two games of the European and the Tokyo Olympics left, I hope, but then many companions will leave the team. Our time is running out. I am not sure if to continue, I have not yet made the decision, but after the Games another generation must come in, that's for sure.
Be a prepared generation? You have endured a lot and have not had relief. His little brother, for example, Marc, 24 years old, central like you, has barely played with the national team.
They will make their way. It will be difficult for them to maintain the level, to be in five consecutive European semifinals like us, but they will do everything on their part. With my brother I have seen the problems that young people have. For them, playing in Asobal is easy, they don't give it value, but then competing in Europe is very complicated. For us, debuting was difficult, then in Barcelona or Ciudad Real you had to choose to win the Champions League.
Since the disappearance of the Ciudad Real, all the successes of the selection, such as the 2013 World Cup or the 2018 Europeans, incorporated a petition: to improve the handball in Spain. Do you still trust it?
Nerd. I don't expect anything, I don't change anything. A few years ago, after the 2013 World Cup, it was desperate. He believes that audiences will attract two or three sponsors, that some teams will improve and that Asobal will grow again little by little. Now I don't trust anymore. It's a bit humiliating, but it's like that. Although we win the gold and millions of people see it, Asobal will continue to be a semi-professional competition, most players in Spain will be mileuristas and will continue to lack investment from all sides.
Julen Aguinagalde return to Bidasoa Irn to finish his career. Have you considered coming back?
Many times, but it is very difficult. Julen is something romantic, it's his city, the club is chaired by his brother Gurutz… But the general situation has not changed. You can go to Granollers, for example, accepting 1,000 or 1,500 euros a month, but in Pick Szeged an they offer me zero more and the difference, more having family, is too big.
He looks disgusted.
I still like handball a lot, but the life I lead is hard for me. I have realized that I no longer belong anywhere. I would have loved to play my whole life in the Royal City or the Atlantic, but since I disappeared, I have not lived for two years in the same city. Hamburg and Kiel in Germany, then Skopje in Macedonia and finally Szeged in Hungra. Before it was complicated and now, with my two daughters, it is much more. They have changed a lot of school, too many places where we don't know anyone … I want the best for them and I care. When I retire I don't know what to do, if I dedicate myself to handball or finish a career, but set myself in a fixed place.
Tell me about Slovenia, the rival of Spain in the semifinals, that we are here too.
Many people talked about avoiding Norway, but I think Slovenia can give us worse. It is a team very similar to ours, perhaps the most similar of all the European. They have a very solid defense and in attack they don't have many pitchers, but they are very gamers, they use all the resources. Being difficult to get the pass for the final.

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