Alonso Guerrero, ex of Letizia, turns 60 and publishes a police novel (with a beautiful journalist)

Alonso Guerrero He turns 60 this Saturday. She was born the same day Grace Kelly, but 33 years later. Unlike the actress, who married a prince, he married a future queen, although long before she Letizia Ortiz Rocasolano his wife between 1998 and 1999, knew the current head of state.

However, such a peculiar situation has not changed the life of this teacher: the writer and teacher has known how to stay true to his principles, to his passion for literature (shared by Doña Letizia), and he has been a true gentleman when he could have sold his past with the Monarch’s wife and become a lucrative show his decade of relationship teacher, student, love and subsequent marriage with one of the most iconic, influential and popular women of contemporary Spain.

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Guerrero refused checks in exchange for telling his intimate life with Letizia. He never did. His relationship with his first wife is good, although they see little of each other. Guerrero has coincided in several acts with Felipe VI and his wife. Doña Letizia has naturally approached her ex and has been interested in knowing how she was, asking her with absolute cordiality.

As we anticipated last November 1, Alonso Guerrero has received a good gift shortly before crossing the border of his sixth decade: we were saying that the writer from Extremadura has won the International Prize for Legal Novel from the Illustrious Bar Association of Granada, with Happy women are a chimera, endowed with 9,000 euros. Now we have read the work published by the Almuzara publishing house, that of the former Minister of Labor Manuel Pimentel. The same one that also published in 2018 his previous novel, Penny Ronbinson’s lovein which he deals with the transformation of a man with a quiet life into a victim of media harassment just for having married a young woman who would later become queen of Spain.

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In that book, Alonso Guerrero spoke about himself and the interest that his person aroused since his existence became known. Just now 18 years ago, the magazine What do you say published that Letizia was divorced and brought to light the identity and photographs of Alonso Guerrero kissing Letizia, images that were later pirated by many media and have been repeated ever since. The cover came to light the same day that the marriage commitment of the presenter of the Newscast and the only son of Juan Carlos I was known.

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However, the author exaggerates when he says (in the novel) that he suffered tremendous persecution by the press. It wasn’t like that in real life; It can even be said that the journalists left the ex-husband of the future queen alone when they verified that he was a hermetic man regarding this marriage and very loyal and chivalrous with whom she became the wife of the future king.

Alonso Guerrero is the author of other novels, he already has a certain literary career, but this award means a lot to him: “It represents the support of intelligent people for a writer who has not ceased to be a promise since he published his first narrative and it encourages me as if he were a writer who is starting out, someone who has the whole ascending part of life ahead of him”, he assured when thanking him for the distinction.

The winning story is a black novel in the best tradition and a description of the world of law, “an area that is the one that best represents the search for truth as a portrait of a society,” he added. the protagonist of Happy women are a chimera He is an atypical policeman who acts on his own and always in strange and complicated cases. The plot takes place in Madrid, between sordid environments and sinister characters, with a surprising ending.

The ex-husband of Queen Letizia entered the contest under the pseudonym The bridge walker compared to 36 other authors. In the 18 chapters of the book, which will be published on November 18, the legal police agent named Enrique Lahoz faces sinister cases, a serial killer, in Madrid. The protagonist falls in love with a beautiful journalist. The plot runs through the capital of Spain and takes place in the surroundings of El Retiro, the neighborhoods of Salamanca, El Pilar or Chamartín.

The murderer leaves the corpses in the style of Zodiac o Seven: there are seven murders and one occurs in Alcalá de Henares, just where Alonso Guerrero taught literature classes before returning to his homeland, Badajoz.

Police Lahoz will have to investigate the death of a 38-year-old man, who appears hanging from a tree. The man is called Doncel. Curiously, Doña Letizia gave Felipe de Borbón at her request El doncel de don Enrique el doliente, by Mariano José de Larra. Lahoz, who has been a police inspector for 20 years, had not set foot in the police station in the last ten, and had not worn a uniform for fifteen, because he had been assigned to the Judicial Police. He used to work alone, and he did not wear a uniform but was plainclothes. He communicates with his bosses on Skype. By the way, Alonso Guerrero grants the Internet space vital importance. The first victim of the killer he is after belongs to a deep web group called Morgenstern, where it is spoken of snuff movies and in which Lahoz infiltrates supplanting the identity of the dead man. The romantic part is put by the protagonist and a journalist, we could say that a femme fatale, younger than Lahoz. “She had a decided chin, but subtly beautiful and delicate. She also had what most marks the beauty of a woman in the world in which beauty supposedly means something: a mouth that knew how to express, with a simple smile, that unfinished note where irony could stay”, reads the description of the author himself in the novel. “You journalists too often confuse current affairs with your vanity or your arrogance,” La Hoz tells his mistress.

Happily married to his childhood friend

Alonso Guerrero married again, just like Letizia. But he already has three weddings. The actual princesa The writer’s third wife is his first childhood sweetheart, María Dolores Corral, three years younger than him and also a teacher. Lola is also divorced and has two adult daughters. Only a group of relatives and friends attended the link and then, they all moved to celebrate the banquet in the Badajoz town of Azuaga, homeland of the bride.

The civil union took place in March 2019. After his third wedding, the author left Madrid and the Beatriz Galindo Institute and moved to his hometown of Badajoz, where he obtained a place to teach at the institute in the capital of Extremadura. Between Queen Letizia and María Dolores, Alonso lived in Guadalajara with the Mathematics teacher María Castro Morán.