Almudena Cid forgives Christian Gálvez but does not forget: “What happened hurts”

The separation of Almudena Cid y Christian Galvez was confirmed at the end of last year and in February, the former presenter of Pass word already shouting to the four winds his love for Patricia Brown. Months later, the former gymnast has taken a breath to talk, in more depth than ever, about her breakup with the communicator.

“I forgive him (…) It’s all processes, understanding that you have to leave air and oxygen when things happen to you, pay attention to yourself, what can you do,” Cid said Thursday at an event held in Madrid against the breast cancer

The last few months have not been easy: “First an inhibition is generated of not knowing what is happening and then the sound begins to enter, you do not know what to do with the stimuli, you do not understand what is happening… Then little by little you put perspective and You understand things that you didn’t before.”

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The actress and writer has managed to remove “material and personal weight”, although the pain does not heal so quickly: “It will stop being a problem but it will not stop hurting, because what has happened hurts”.

His family has also suffered the consequences of his breakup. His mother, in fact, has repeatedly shown her disappointment in her former son-in-law: “I have not experienced anger, I have lived it through my mother. I have had devastation and then I have been putting everything right and I am telling it in a book”. As a conclusion: “I misunderstood the concept of love because I understood that sacrifices had to be made and I got it, but neglecting one part”.

The former athlete and Christian Gálvez ended their eleven-year marriage at the end of last year and, in February, the presenter confirmed his relationship with the presenter of Ana Rosa’s program Patricia Brown. The one from Mediaset, on her part, separated about a year ago from the father of her two daughters, the former rugby player Fran Marquez. A few months ago, Almudena was related to former soccer player Gerardo Barodia.