Almost 10,000 members have already requested the vote by mail

FC Barcelona sent a statement this afternoon announcing that A total of 9,817 members have already made the formal request to participate in the elections of next March 7 through the vote by mail. In so only four days -the formalization process opened last Friday, November 29 and will end on February 9-, almost ten thousand members have accepted this new voting modality, which facilitates the right of participation of the member who cannot attend the meetings in person. electoral venues, especially preventing the possibility of a greater restriction of mobility due to the voting dates.

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The club has made available to the member two options for voting by mail: in the ordinary way by going to the Post Office corresponding after receiving the relevant documents or directly from home for members who are over 65 years of age or who suffer from a chronic illness that disables them from going to the Post Office in person.

In fact, from the Blaugrana entity it is having a special sensitivity for the elderly. The club announced the initiative to initiate a round of calls to members over 80 years of age, specifically a total of 8,768, to help them in the telematic process of requesting the vote by mail. Right now, considering that the total census of members with the right to vote is 110,552, we are already talking about a significant percentage of members who have completed the form to vote by mail, exactly 8.9%.