Almería reacts in time against Castellón

Almería achieved an important victory this Saturday (3-1) so as not to lose rope with the first two positions against a Castellón that remained with options until the final stretch of the duel and that, at times, gave the feeling that it could get something positive in the Stadium of the Mediterranean Games.

The match began without rhythm and with a thick Almería Sports Union, without lucidity to overcome the advanced pressure ordered by Juan Carlos Garrido that drowned the local ball out.

With the rojiblancos tied and erratic, the visitors also did not rule out peering into the Makaridze area, through Marc Mateu's stopped balls, although without generating danger.

José Gomes's men woke up with a Centelles cross that Sadiq forced to finish off and then Corpas did not forgive, shooting a great pass from the Nigerian international. The goal was reviewed by the VAR, but the rojiblanco winger was in legal position.

The second half began with a Castellón that stretched lines, although with many complications to reach the red-and-white area.

When the duel seemed to start to lose intensity, a good tackle on the left wing ended with the ball for Rubén Díaz who, despite finishing in a semi-fallow, achieved an impossible parable to equalize the contest.

The draw unleashed UD Almería who played their best minutes knowing that they could not miss more points in the Mediterranean Games.

A good action by Samú Costa on the wing was culminated by Sadiq with an accurate header and without time for reaction, Cuenca, also headed, left the match sentencing after a foul thrown by Aketxe.

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UD Almería: Makaridze; Balliu, Ivanildo, Cuenca, Centelles; Samú Costa, Morlanes (De la Hoz, min. 89), Corpas (Lazo, min. 71), Joao Carvalho (Ramazani, min. 71), Aketxe (Petrovic, min. 87) and Sadiq.

Castellón: Campos; Iago (Jorge, min. 82), Gálvez, Delgado, Víctor; Arturo, Carles, Gus Ledes (Zlatanovic, min. 82), Marc Mateu; Cubillas (César Díaz, min. 74) and Rubén Díaz (Moyano, min. 68).

Referee: Vicandi Garrido, from the Basque committee. Yellow card to the visitor Gálvez.

Goals: 1-0, min. 25: Corpas; 1-1, min. 61: Rubén Díaz; 2-1, min. 77: Sadiq; 3-1, min. 80: Cuenca.

Incidents: Match of the 23rd day of LaLiga SmartBank, played at the Estadio de los Juegos Mediterráneos (Almería). EFE