Almería modifies its long-term planning

Almería has somewhat modified their views to the future. The Portuguese market continues to fish as a fishing ground, also with the South American, looking for young people who give performance in the present, but also in the future, being able to make operations profitable and fill the coffers: with Darwin it was barely enough a year to almost quadruple what it cost. However, El Assy and Gonçalves are trying not to make such long contracts, avoiding cases like Vada's, whose five-year contract he signed last summer is making his exit difficult.

Shield / Flag Almería

In the summer of 2019, the then recent red-and-white property was made with seven owned footballers, of which five signed for five years (the maximum allowed): Rosic, Jonathan, Vada, Appiah and Darwin. Only Petrovic, who did it until 2023 and Balliu, 2022, did not commit for those five years. In addition, Enzo arrived in January, with a contract for a year and a half (in the next few days he will take the exit door). So, the average of these seven players is four years per contract, above what has been done in the present market.

Between the end of August and so far in September, Almería, apart from the four assignments (Akieme, Costa, Morlanes and Mendes), hhas made eight incorporations in property. Of that number, up to four have signed for two years: Makaridze, Chumi, Aitor Bueñuel and Aketxe. Juan Villar, for his part, has done so until 2023, while Ramazani, Gutiérrez and Olivera have been engaged for five years.

Both with the former Manchester United -first year as a senior- and with the two Uruguayans -juveniles-, The UDA has high hopes, expecting returns and operations similar to Darwin's. On the other hand, apart from the loans (last year a dozen were made and this one, four), Almería carried out three renovations: Aguza committed three more courses and de la Hoz y Corpas, two. In addition, Fernando, whose contract expired in 2021, extended one more year; and Martos went from 2022 to 2024.