Almeida and Teresa Urquijo, on their honeymoon: the most searched photo (according to AI)

The wedding of José Luis Martínez-Almeida y Teresa Urquijo It has been the most important social event of the year. The mayor of Madrid and the twenty-year-old woman who has become his wife danced a chotis that we previewed and among the privileged guests were Juan Carlos Idoña Sofia, Infantas Elena with his two children, and Mrs. Cristina, with his firstborn. Let us remember that the grandmother of the bride and groom is a first cousin of the previous head of state. In addition to seven direct relatives of Felipe VI, there was the leadership of the Popular Party, including Feijó, Aznar, and Ayusothe first two accompanied by their respective partners.

But if the Madrid mayor’s wedding was an event with great media coverage, his honeymoon has also aroused great interest. Although the couple has traveled more than 8,000 kilometers away, it has not been ruled out that the councilor and his wife have been followed by paparazzi, since the graphic report of the mayor and his wife in the chosen destination, the Maldives islands , is one of the most valued by gossip magazines and programs.

This Sunday, on the program Fiesta from Telecinco announced that they had an image of Almeida and Teresa on a honeymoon trip in the middle of the Indian Ocean. Days ago we learned that the councilor and his wife had met with a known person even though there was little chance of meeting someone.

Almeida and Teresa agreed with Mar Torres, Froilán’s ex-girlfriend, guest at his wedding. The heir to one of the largest food empires in our country.