Alley proposes to Naples to play 'free' in July and August

After seven years, 338 games, 80 goals, 77 assists and three titles, José Maria Callejón has only five days left on his contract with Nápoles. The native of Madrid still has not found an agreement to extend his adventure under Vesuvius and the risk of interrupting this long story next week in an improvised way is very concrete.


Today, however, the former Madrid player took an important step forward: according to '', the azzurro communicated to the club his willingness to play in July and August without charging anything, asking only for insurance that would be activated in case of injuries. Callejón has no agreements for the next course: in the past months he had several offers from LaLiga, but so far none convinced him.

The striker decided to take the risk of injury and be left with nothing in September., something in which, at 33 years old, You must also think about whether in the last decade the games in which you were injured due to injury are … zero. A choice consistent with his career: the winger arrived in southern Italy in 2013 and in seven years he has only renewed once, without asking the entity for anything more.

Naples Coat of Arms / Flag

Spanish, highly appreciated by Gattuso, wants to at least close a course in which the Naples dreams of getting back into the fight for fourth place and conquering the quarterfinals for the first time in its history Champions, before him Barcelona. In the next few hours, the player and the club will talk again in search of the final agreement.