All the pearls of Fran Rivera in her new interview: she makes Isabel Pantoja ugly and clarifies her relationship with her brothers

As they already did Angel Christ Jr e One Pantoja, Frank Rivera will remember the people who have marked his life, for better and for worse, in Friday! This was confirmed this Thursday by Telecinco by releasing a preview with some of the most incendiary statements that the 49-year-old right-hander will share about his family this December 15 in full prime time. In the video he mentions his mother, Carmina Ordóñez, as well as his brothers Julián and Kiko; to the singer Isabel Pantoja already Cayetana Martínez de Irujohis ex-wife.

Carmina Ordóñez: from drugs to abuse

About his mother, who died on July 23, 2004, The right-hander has regretted his drug addiction. “Look, drugs are a terrible disease. When they enter the house, they destroy it. And my mother couldn't get out,” she says in the images. And Rivera assures that, “given how (Carmina) was in the last stage,” she is grateful that she had “gone.”

In the interview she also refers to the mistreatment that her mother reported having suffered from her third and last husband, the dancer Ernesto Neyra. According to the judge, 'the divine' did not fit the role of an “abused woman.” “I would never have believed that a man would put his hand on my mother.”laments the bullfighter.

Isabel Pantoja, that “lady” who married Paquirri

His mother confronted Isabel Pantoja for the inheritance of Francisco Rivera 'Paquirri', which started a war between the two clans that continues to this day. In the interview, the bullfighter is not even able to refer to the tonadilrea by his name. “This lady who married my father I think they are not good people. The widow of Spain. It seems very good to me… that she rebuild her life, but “Don't call yourself that when you have had relationships with all the people who have had them.”account.

“You are using my father and you have also behaved terribly with your children. I wouldn't like it at all to be in his shoes the day he dies and my father is found,” he adds. A few words to which is added one last dart: “Speaking of karma… scary.”

The relationship with his brothers

The bad relationship with Isabel Pantoja He joined his brother Cayetano and him for a time with Kiko Rivera, the firstborn of the tonadillera. However, over time both bullfighters have distanced themselves from the DJ, nor do they maintain a relationship with Julián Contreras. “There is no relationship with Julián and Kiko. Then I have wiped the slate clean so many times that I don't feel like it anymore. My family is my children, my wife and my friends,” she is sincere.

The stormy divorce with Eugenia Martínez de Irujo

Finally, in the trailer the bullfighter also talks about Eugenia Martínez de Irujo, ensuring that their separation was very painful: “The separation was terrible. I don't have any resentment towards Eugenia about everything that happened, but how she behaved afterwards was not good. “He skinned me as a father.”

Some statements that can be heard in full on ¡De friday!, one of the star programs that Telecinco now presents on its schedule. Last Friday, December 9, managed to lead the night with an excellent 16.3%.