All the details of the Bourbon conclave for the funeral of Fernando Gómez Acebo: hugs and lots of rain

Just two days after meeting in Madrid to dance and celebrate at the wedding of Martínez Almeida y Teresa Urquijo, the almost entire Bourbons have gathered again in the center of the capital. This time, for a very different reason: the funeral of Fernando Gomez Acebo, died on March 1 at the age of 49. The event has had important additions, the most notable has been that of don Felipe y Mrs. Letizia.

The kings arrived walking and arm in arm to the Cathedral Church of the Armed Forces of Madrid, better known as the Military Cathedral, where the Gómez Acebos waited at the doors to receive all the attendees. Don Felipe has merged in an emotional hug with all of his cousins, as well as Doña Letizia, who has been especially affectionate with Simonetasister of the deceased.

The emeritus Juan Carlos also did not attend the funeral in March, who was reunited with all his nephews this Monday. Juan, Bruno and Beltrán, children of his sister, the late Infanta Pilar, to whom he was very close. He already saw Simoneta, the only woman among the men, on Saturday at Almeida’s wedding.

Little by little and separately, the Queen Sofiadressed in rigorous black, Infantas Elena and Cristinaand the brothers Froilan y Victoria Federica.

The Infanta Margaretsister of the emeritus, also wanted to support the family in these difficult times and has arrived accompanied by her husband, Carlos Zuritaand his sons, Maria and Alfonso. There have also been no shortage of well-known faces very close to the family, such as Eugenia Martínez de Irujo, Fiona Ferrer o Paloma Segrelles

Fernando died on March 1 at the age of 49. The businessman had long had respiratory problems that have worsened in recent months due to influenza A and Covid. Affectionately nicknamed ‘Coco’, he was the youngest son of Luis Gómez Acebo and Infanta Pilar, who died just four years ago from colon cancer. Discreet and very familiar, he was very close to his brothers: Simoneta, Juan, Bruno and Beltrán. He was linked to family businesses, such as Lietama Comunicación Integral, and has served as a partner in Gavijosa Finanzas, a SICAV that belonged to his mother.

Fernando was married twice: the first with Monica Martin Luquewith whom he maintained a great friendship, and the second with the Greek journalist Nadia Halamandariwith whom he fathered his only son, Nicholas. The little boy, who did not attend his father’s funeral, was present this Monday at the funeral, where he arrived hand in hand with his mother.

Barely an hour after the start, the attendees left the cathedral, some in the rain from which they had to take shelter with umbrellas, like Kings Felipe and Letizia. Don Juan Carlos left arm in arm with his inseparable assistant, tired but happy to have shared the moment with his people, while Sofía said goodbye to her sister-in-law Margarita and her niece María with a very affectionate. Infanta Elena, this time, guarded by her two children, with whom she enjoyed the wedding of the mayor and Teresa Urquijo last Saturday.