Concha Velasco was a woman of clear ideas. Ahead of her time, the eternal girl Yeyé knew that she wanted to dedicate her life to the stage. She reflected it in her song “Mom, I want to be an artist.” Although her eccentricity in the spotlight motivated him to shine in front of the stage or the cameras, Velasco's other great passion was her family. “What I love most is my children,” said the actress from Valladolid.

Although the singer enjoyed an extensive career in the spotlight, when her health problems surfaced, her children advised her to retire. “I love her very much. And so does Paco. We want to protect her,” Manuel said in the program. Blood ties.

After saying goodbye to the theater, in September 2021, Concha needed the support of her family. Therefore, she went to live with her children, who live on the same floor, and with her grandson Samuel. Shortly after, her health problems moved her to a nursing home, since she had to be cared for 24 hours a day.

Concha Velasco was a single mother. Miguel, the eldest of her children and the one best known to the general public, was not born in the artist's marriage to Paco Marsó. For decades, the woman from Valladolid kept the secret of who the biological father of her first-born child was. Finally, she revealed that he was Fernando Arribas.

Manuel discovered the truth when he was training as a director. “Fernando Arribas, who was a professor at the film school, began to take roll call and when he read my name he remained silent and I said: 'He is my father,'” said the eldest of the brothers.

Currently, Manuel is a screenwriter, film, theater and television director. Also, he has written his first novel: Things you should not do at night before getting married. Likewise, she was a scriptwriter for the actress's last two works before her departure from the stage.

For its part, Paco He is a director and owns his own production company, Chancleta Entertainment, where he has been for more than 20 years. Likewise, he is the father of Samuel15 years old, the result of his relationship with the singer Cecilia Cruz.