All the demands of the PP to Isabel Pantoja for her contract with the Canarian Cabildo: they will take it to commission

The Popular Party is considering taking Isabel Pantoja's sponsorship contract to a commission during his tour with the Canary Islands Council. This was announced by the party's deputy spokesperson in Gran Canaria, Josefa Luzardowhich considers that the agreement promoted by the Government is “controversial” by involving the singer in “a public call for subsidies.”

“We have requested the intervention report, the legal advice report that endorses the signing of that contract and we have asked, if it exists, which it seems it does not, a report from the tourism area, which is specialized in this type of things, especially for the promotion of the island of Gran Canaria,” said the popular one, according to this Tuesday The digital closure.

Luzardo maintains that the information his party received is that “the public company that manages the entire development of Gran Canaria knew absolutely nothing about that contract”. Furthermore, he regrets that almost a week has passed since the explanations they asked for in his last Plenary Session and that they have still not received a response. Therefore, the PP only has to take the case to a commission scheduled for the last week of February.

Suspicions of irregularities

The agreement that the tonadillera has reached with the council offers it a total of 160,000 euros in exchange for promoting the culture and gastronomy of the Canary Islands during the 17 concerts that make up their 50th Anniversary tour. In recent days, citizens have harshly criticized this contract through social networks, while the opposition asks those responsible for explanations.

From the popular formation They suspect that there may be irregularitiessince the sponsorship was closed when the singer's tour had already begun and some experts point out that the bonus for her is “very inflated.”

For their part, the council assured a few days ago that they would give the pertinent explanations because the “contract is supervised and regulated.” Apparently, it was not the only link they offered him: Isabel Pantoja could have been the image of the islandbut rejected the proposal because it had to be registered as an essential requirement.

To promote Canarian culture, the singer would have agreed on the following points, according to Public mirror: To begin with, the Gran Canaria council will have to appear as a sponsor of the tour and the tonadillera will have to mention the islands on social networks, mention “the island of her life” to the media and sing Canarias, Canarias. Advertising material will also have to be handled on behalf of the sponsor.

Who has also established links with Gran Canaria is his brother Agustín, who has opened a representation agency with tax headquarters on the island. Thus, it will be her company that hires the services of Isabel Pantoja and she will be able to pay taxes as an artist and not as a company, a formula with which she obtains certain tax advantages.