All Star NBA: Events, promotion and gallons of superstar: Doncic, a teenager in the NBA All Star firmament | NBA 2019



Doncic, in the presentation of a match with the Mavericks.

When Luka Doncic jump to the parquet floor United Center tonight in the Rising Stars, the NBA young stars game, will still have 20 years. Not reaching 21 for two weeks, and despite its insulting precocity, is more than ready and ready to win the flashes of all fans and media that will cover this All star. It is his moment, he comes from sweet, raised, admired, and even clothed by the great stars of the league. In Chicago try to sell and enjoy, to continue ascending to the firmament of American basketball. A new step, the next episode in his conquest. It is no coincidence that walking through the city you find that the event promotion posters appear LeBron James, James Harden and Luka Doncic.

The Slovenian also understands 'showbusiness' as nobody at his age, in addition to quickly connecting with people and other stars. He has no problem admitting that the ball must be handed to LeBron so that he can sink it: “I hope to give him a lot of passes. It won't be me who hangs on the ring, that's for sure.” Ace attends the Mavs star to local Dallas media before boarding the private plane of its president, the billionaire Mark Cuban. 'The women' of his life flew with him. His mother Mirjam Poterbin, his grandmother Milena and his girlfriend Anamaria Goltes do not want to miss the show that 'their boy' can give at the United Center.

Luka Doncic has understood since day one what he needs to be a reference in the United States. The first takes it innate and as part of its effort, the quality that it treasures and that never tires of showing and evolving. But it is almost as important to understand the business off the court. Be available and with a smile. Understand that in Chicago, probably, what will take less time to play basketball. And it is that the Slovenian agenda has no end. Three days without pause full of events, media attention, promotions, solidarity events, with fans… That NBA mega star poster already hangs on the door of his dressing room and belongs to the 'Star System' of the NBA.

The press department of your agency, BDA Sports International, coordinated three weeks ago with the Mavericks, a visit in 'petit comit' of several 'elected' media that could share with him five minutes. It was the way to have a detail, continue adding to the impact of the player and also, to slightly release the weekend's agenda from the stars. The injury changed everything. The medical planning was no longer possible, but above all the participation in the great event was in danger.

In the franchise they were clear, the Chicago All Star was a priority and Luka's health was also a priority. That's why he was immediately booked, he worked specifically on that ankle. Must be ready by mid-February. And so it was. Your technician Rick Carlisle it was very clear, “it is important for this organization, that we have that healthy ankle for that Luka can go to Chicago and play“After losing seven games, he returned this Wednesday, again touching the triple-double (33 points, 12 rebounds and 8 assists) in the win against Sacramento. It seemed that time had not passed and the plans had gone well.

It is the second time that he goes up to Mark Cuban's plane. Last year he traveled to Charlotte with honoree Nowitzki. In a more original role, I participated in Rookies' duel and in the Skills Contest, but this 2020 date is already a big word, be a starter in Sunday's game. Start with players who idolized (and idolizes today from another perspective), this time not from the sofa of his home in Madrid, but from within, an experience that never forget: “it will be something special, something as well as a unique opportunity in life, you have to go to enjoy it “.

Luka It is already an icon of the current NBA. He is the sixth youngest starter in an All Star Game, the first to achieve it with the Mavs since Dirk Nowitzki he will reach it in 2010. In addition, his participation reminds that of another base of the Texas franchise that also won the Rookie of the Year award and landed in the All Star to stay, Jason Kidd. Now it's up to him, and while he enjoys the trip, nobody wants to ambition: “It's going to be incredible. It’s the main reason I signed with Jordan as a sponsor, to follow in his footsteps. “

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