“All sewage ends up in your house”

After his fight with the estate, Shakira He faces another big mess. Since the Colombian left her house in Barcelona, ​​the singer has resided in her million-dollar mansion in Miami Beach. A house that Gerard Piqué’s ex has been trying to sell for years, but without success.

The caseplón, which in 2001 was acquired for 3 million dollars, has multiplied by three its price today. And although it is located in one of the most exclusive areas of Miami, the Tand congratulate has not found any buyer.

Thus, the reason why Shakira cannot sell her Miami mansion is because all the city’s sewage ends up in her house, as revealed this Sunday from Fiesta.

The problem with Shakira’s house in Miami is that she had some repairs that she made outside the code and the bathrooms are below the water level.. Over the years, the water level has risen and, for many years, every time there is heavy rain in Miami tAll sewage ends up in Shakira’s house“, revealed Omar Suárez.

Likewise, a person close to the artist has contacted the Fuencarral chain and has ruled that Shakira’s house has bad odor problems, since it is built with very poor quality materials.

Only the land is worth that house, it is built with very low quality materials. All bathrooms are made under the sea. This It brings bad odor problems because the water returns through the toilets and dirty water from all over Miami Beach enters Shakira’s house. All the shit from all over Miami comes to Shakira’s house“, has manifested.