Alisson: “I took my daughter out of school, we want zero risk”

England has been one of the countries that have taken the most time to take drastic measures against the expansion of the coronavirus. Boris Johnson's executive was still in the recommendation phase this week, despite expert opinion. In fact, schools are still open. In this sense, Alisson, a Brazilian goalkeeper from Liverpool and ambassador of the World Health Organization, explained today through his social media profiles that he has decided to stop taking his three-year-old daughter Helena to school. “I took the girl out of school because in England they were not closed yet, we made that decision for safety and prevention reasons, we want to run a zero risk, “said the goalkeeper, who points out that his wife Natalia is part of the population at risk due to a problem with low defenses.

Alisson is still injured. A muscle problem deprived him of being measured with Atlético and he has to follow a treatment. “I don't see myself with my colleagues, we are all at home, I only have contact with the retriever and with the goalkeeping coach; we spend all our time at home without leaving, that is the best way to prevent the virus from spreading,” he says the goalkeeper.

England has taken more days to give the order to close the schools, the measure is effective from today, but many have been closing because the parents themselves have stopped bringing their children or at the initiative of the centers themselves in the face of the epidemic. Despite the numbers of victims and victims in countries such as Spain, Italy, France or Germany, Boris Johnson and his Executive have preferred a gradual action and in many sections they are still in the recommendation phase.