Lima Alliance will rejoin the first division of Peru from the third day, in compliance with the ruling of the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) that canceled his descent from last season.

This was announced this Friday in a statement by the Peruvian Football Federation (FPF), which also reported that Carlos Stein will be the relegated team that plays in the second position instead of Alianza Lima.

In this way, the TAS decision will be executed, which gave the reason to Alianza Lima in its claim against the Peruvian Football Federation (FPF) for having omitted a sanction against Carlos Stein consisting of the loss of two points.

The FPF only imposed a financial fine on Stein for the breach of payment commitments, when other teams had been subtracted points for the same circumstance.

That made the Carlist team save itself from relegation and condemn Alianza to the second, but TAS corrected this situation and subtracted two points from Stein, which turned him into a relegated team in the place of Alianza Lima.

The decision of the Swiss-based arbitration court came when the new season had already started of the Peruvian league, where Carlos Stein drew goalless against Alianza Atlético, from Sullana.

Now the FPF will have to cancel that match and Alianza Atlético to dispute it again against Alianza Lima, a circumstance that its leaders opposed until this Friday, considering it unfair to them.

It was also discontinued, to be rescheduled with Alianza later, the meeting of the second date that Stein was to play this Saturday against Deportivo Municipal de Lima, a team that did not agree with the measure and on Thursday announced that he would demand that he give him the game by winning automatically.

The FPF anticipated that it will meet with the Peruvian Soccer Union (Safap) to mitigate the impact that could cause these decisions in the players who had already been registered by Carlos Stein for the first division.

All these measures adopted by the FPF have been overshadowed by the information that points to the imminent announcement of the return of Jefferson Farfan Alianza Lima, which would round out a very favorable week for the Blue and White team.


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