Alexia Putellas: “It is important to improve the conditions of the players”


The FC Barcelona soccer player Alexia Putellas insisted that “it is important to improve the conditions of the players” to continue in the professionalization of women’s soccer, at the same time that she pointed out that “anyone who is consistent would praise what Barça has done” for this sport .

“The conclusion I’ve drawn from this injury, from the experience I’ve had lately, is that it’s a multifactorial injury. I don’t think it’s a matter of one factor. I don’t attribute it to a lack of study. It’s an injury that can depend on many things”, reflected Putellas in statements to FIFPRO.

The midfielder played minutes again this weekend in Barça’s 3-0 victory over Sporting de Huelva at the Estadi Johan Cruyff, her first appearance since suffering an anterior cruciate ligament injury before the Euro Cup held in July of 2022.

Given the entire recovery process that she has undergone since she was injured, Putellas insisted that “it is important to improve the conditions of the players”, in relation to “rest, travel, the surfaces on which they play and, of course, all those studies”.

“It is relatively recent that the players have begun to become professional in this sport, and there has barely been time to carry out this type of study and learn a little more about the body of the soccer players. It is clear that it is a different body from that of a man. I think These are things that need to be improved,” he added.

On the dominance of Barcelona in the F League, already champion this year after only one defeat in the last four seasons -in June 2021-, the winner of the last two Ballon d’Ors acknowledged that the entire ecosystem “has to keep improving everything “. “There is a distance between Barça and many other teams, really because Barça created a project and led that situation. I hope that later many other clubs can do the same”, she wished.

“80 or 85 percent of the clubs have a professional structure behind them that also has the men’s team in the professional category. Then there are some clubs that do not have that support and, of course, need help and advice from institutions, the government,” he explained. .

In addition, he highlighted the ambition of the Barça club in the women’s field, despite the superiority of recent years. “Anyone who is consistent will praise what Barça has done. They have believed, they have led, and they are not content with that; they want to continue increasing that investment and help the players to really be what we all want to be: just footballers and not we have to worry about nothing else”, he flattered.

Barcelona Femenino last year broke a 23-year attendance record for a women’s match set at 90,195 in the 1999 World Cup final. female.

“It was incredible, it was one of the best days of my life,” he admitted. “What we experienced was incredible and I hope that it continues to be so; that it is only the beginning of this idyll of the Camp Nou with our team and the Champions League and with the fans and that we continue to win,” Putellas predicted.