Alexia Putellas and her teammates stand up before Rubiales: “This is unacceptable”

The players of the women’s soccer team, in the lead with Alexia Putellashas come together to condemn the press conference in which Luis Rubiales has announced that he would not resign from his position as president of the RFEF after kissing Jenni Beautiful without your consent.

Through their official profiles on social networks, the footballers have condemned the manager’s “unacceptable” attitude and have announced that they will go all out. “It’s over,” wrote the double-time Ballon d’Or.

Rubiales assured that his kiss to Hermoso it was “spontaneous, mutual, euphoric and consenting”, and that the athlete was the one who “approached her body”. “The desire that she could have in that kiss was the same as giving it to one of my daughters,” she said, despite the images.