Alexander-Arnold: “It’s a luxury to see Vinicius play, but we have a job as a team”


Liverpool defender Trent Alexander-Arnold acknowledged that “it is a luxury to watch” the Brazilian Vinicius Jr, with whom this Saturday he will have one of the most attractive duels in the Champions League final, but warned that everything has to be done “work as a team”, while he did not hide that playing against Real Madrid “gives even more importance” to the game.

“I’m really looking forward to facing the whole of Real Madrid. Playing against Real Madrid, you know you’re going to face top-class players in all positions on the pitch. It’s a privilege to watch Vinicius play, but we know we have a job as a team,” said Alexander-Arnold this Friday at his team’s official press conference.

For the winger, “having the chance to win” a second Champions League at just 23 years old “is special.” “But also for everyone. There have been a lot of football legends who haven’t had these chances. We know we’re up against a top-class opponent and we’re going to have to play well to make it,” he admitted.

The international knows that this game has “different things”, especially because of everything that surrounds it in the previous days, but he made it clear that they are “very eager”. “We think that we deserve to be here and that it hasn’t been due to a lot of luck. It’s been a difficult road, it’s the last game of the season as a team and as a club and it’s special, it’s the game that everyone wants to play. It’s good to be here here, but winning it would be even better,” said Alexander-Arnold.

“We have played a lot with Manchester City and they have a different threat, also in a Champions League final there is another pressure, it is not just a league game, it is the most important of the season and the rival does not matter, but playing against Real Madrid gives it even more importance. They are two great teams in European football that want to win titles every year”, added the Englishman.

Finally, he considered that they have “the experience” to face this duel and that they will not regret not having been able to win the Premier League. “We’ve played four competitions and we’ve reached the final in all of them. Now we think about the Champions League, what happened on Sunday was disappointing, but we can’t think of anything other than the Champions League final,” he said.