Álex González reacts to the words of his ex, Chenoa, in his last interview: “You don't have to look at the past”

Chenoa y Alex Gonzalez They began dating in 2005, and their relationship lasted approximately 12 months. And, although a while has passed since then, The singer still remembers an anecdote that affected their relationship.

The Argentine-Spanish singer spoke about her breakup with the actor in Take it less seriously! podcast where she joked about how a comment she made upon her arrival at the Goya awards gala It was the beginning of the end of their courtship.

The artist, who has no longer been “invited” to the big film festival, told the details of what happened upon her arrival at the photocall. “The press started: 'No, only her, only her. And I said: 'if the nominee is him,'” she said, laughing and revealing that “These things are not managed well, I understand that.”

Although in these mysterious statements Chenoa did not explicitly point to anyone, Social networks connected the dots and directly linked this experience to her courtship with the artist, who at that time had been nominated for Best Newcomer for his work in Second round.

Álex González's reaction

The actor was asked about these words at the presentation of Rhudo, the new restaurant he founded with Paco Roncero, Antoine Griezmann, Marcos Llorente and Miguel Ángel Silvestre. “No, I haven't heard of that, but it surprises me,” he responded. and added: “Has she named me? If he hasn't named me, then it won't be me.”

“Laura is very discreet then “I'm surprised that I'm talking about that nineteen years later,” he pointed out, emphasizing that “You don't have to look to the past and even more so when it is so long ago, because nineteen years have passed.” Despite their breakup, he also assured that he remains “with the good” of their love story.

Her divorce from Miguel Sánchez Encinas

Chenoa confirmed last November his breakup with Miguel Sánchez Encinas, with whom she said 'yes, I want' in June 2022. The singer is not in the mood to resume her marriage with the prestigious urologist after agreeing to a “temporary separation.” “We love and respect each other, but we need time and tranquility. There are no third parties, it is simply a matter of compatibility in our professions,” she told the magazine in December. Hola. This January it was reported that the doctor was still “destroyed.” “The reason for their separation was the difficulty of balancing their agendas,” he said from And now, Sonsoles.