Alessandro Lequio wins the battle against Olvido Hormigos in court: the former councilor will pay 60,000 euros to the Italian count

Alessandro Lequio And his wife Maria Palacios have won the battle Oblivion Ants in the tribunals. According to the ruling to which he has had access Informaliathe former councilor has been sentenced by the Supreme Court to pay 60 thousand euros to the Italian count and his wife for illegitimate interference with the right to honor.

In 2017, Hormigos stated in various media outlets that he had several meetings with Alessandro Lequio. Likewise, according to the former politician, one of his 'dates' was at the aristocrat's house. Given these statements, Lequio filed a lawsuit.

Seven years after Olvido's story, Ana Obregón's ex can now say that he has won the legal battle in court. Thus, the former politician must pay him 60,000 thousand euros in compensation, as well as pay for the judicial process.

The former councilor of Los Yébenes rose to fame in 2012 (much to her regret) because a sex video of her was leaked. A week ago, Olvido reappeared on Telecinco (where he made money for several years) and admitted that he still regrets his scandal. “I regret and am very ashamed. The damage I did to my family hurts me a lot,” he said.