Alessandro Lequio responds to Ana Obregón's new dart in his exclusive checkout

“He's his grandfather and I would have loved him to have come. I was surprised by his attitude and I don't understand it, at first it hurt me but not anymore“, dice Ana Obregon about the absence of Alessandro Lequio at Anita's baptism, held this Sunday in La Moraleja. In his new boxed exclusive, he also says: “I have written to both of them, to María [su mujer] and to him. And Ena, of course, who is his aunt, who is six years old “.

Astonished and laughing, Lequio said this Wednesday on Telecinco: “By the way, my daughter does not have a phone or anything to do with this story“.

Regarding his absence at the baptism, he reiterated: “It is true that Ana wrote to me, but I did not answer because it was not necessary. Everyone, including her, knew she wasn't going to be there. There was no need to answer. She knows everything perfectly. “I don't want to get into this story, I prefer not to.”

The Italian count is tired of responding after Obregón's every move: “I also don't want to be forced to respond every time because it seems violent to me and I feel obligated to say certain things. But you already know my position. Maximum respect for Obregón's mother. my son and I have always said that. If I do something it will be behind closed doors, I don't have to show anything“.

It must be remembered that Alessandro has never confirmed that his son's last wish was to have offspring after death. Obregón, on the other hand, maintains that this was her son's wish, which is why he resorted, according to her, to the semen samples that Aless left in New York when he was sick. Finally, Ana Lequio was born by surrogate in Miami on March 20.

Is it something yours?

The girl, as she once said InformaliaHer name is Ana Lequio Obregón. Ana Lequio is a first name and Obregón is a last name. On this topic, Alessandro also clarified this Tuesday: “The girl is Ana's legal daughter and that is why she bears the last name of Ana Obregón. The rest is absurd spins.” And he added: “It is also true that when you go to baptize, the priest on duty asks you for your first and last name, he does not ask for any birth certificate.”

Following this question, Joaquín Prat went further: “Is it something yours?”. To which he replied: “No, but you can use it as a first name, not a last name. (…) Everyone can put whatever name they want. I do not care”.

This Wednesday, however, the talk show host was more cautious when the presenter asked him directly if he is the girl's grandfather: “Obviously If she is my son's daughter, I am the grandfather, there is no doubt about that.. But on the sidelines I'm much better,” she left in the air.

Sources close to Lequio insist on reiterating that, except for the testimony of Ana Obregón, nothing proves that the little girl is in fact Aless's biological daughter.