Alessandro Lequio responds bluntly to Ana Obregón’s latest reproach regarding the support of her son

Alessandro Lequio (63) spoke this Monday about the statements that Ana Obregón (68) offered this past weekend at Friday. The actress criticized the Italian count’s alleged absences while her son Aless received cancer treatment in the United States. Six years have passed since then, but it still hurts the presenter. It is not the first time that she has said it, nor is it the only one in which her ex responds, bluntly, to the accusations.

The actress, who in recent months has been in the spotlight due to the information that this portal uncovered about her foundation, recalled in the space presented by Santi Costa and Beatriz Archidona when, in 2018, He packed his bags to stay in the United States for five months with the young man..

They both went to a reputable clinic that served as an alternative to the treatments that Aless was receiving up to that point in Spain. That gave them hope, although it involved a very high outlay in which The young man’s father was not involved either financially or Antoñita la Fantástica explained, as her family called her as a child.

“Each person manages things emotionally in a different way and Alessandro was there, he came to see my son and me in New York, but I would have liked him to come more. I understand that he has a job, that he has a family. We spent almost five months living in the hospital with my son. Alessandro has given Álex all the love he needed as a father, but he did not help me financially. Yes, it is true that he helped me emotionally,” Obregón said.

“Everyone has their circumstances”

“A friend of mine always reminds me that TV has no memory. I’m going to do as I have until now. Absolute silence in everything that concerns my son Aless. With Ana I have always had a relationship articulated around our son. Now she has her circumstances,” Lequio said when asked about this matter.

Then, Joaquín Prat insisted on asking him if it was true that he had not contributed enough money for his son’s care outside of Spain. A question to which his partner has responded bluntly: “Absolutely”. Afterwards, he refused to say anything more on the subject.

Last January, given the commotion over the arrival into the world of the girl who, according to her, is Álex’s daughter, the presenter stated that she planned to “raise Anita” alone, because “no man” had ever helped her. “Everyone knows that I have supported my son until his burial,” she said. “I already told that. She already told me that she had plenty of resources. At the time she told me that she didn’t have to pay a pension,” she said, a few days later, Lequio. And she added: “Removing things from the past seems malicious and dark to me. (…) The “People don’t have the ability, sometimes, to tell things.”.