Alessandro Lequio, emphatic about the celebration of little Ana Sandra's baptism: “No comments”

Alessandro Lequio He stays in his line and avoids commenting on any topic related to Ana Obregon. Although biologically he is the little girl's grandfather Ana SandraAt the moment it is unknown if he has already met the little girl.

When asked about the choice of godparents for the baptism, Lequio chose to be blunt. As always, he has responded emphatically and using the right words. “No comment”, the collaborator has expressed before the press microphones, demonstrating once again that, despite not supporting many of the presenter's attitudes, he prefers not to get too wet.

Furthermore, regarding the harsh criticism that he had previously directed towards Isabel Preysler Due to his documentary and the Filipina's reaction to these statements, Count Lequio has shown indifference.

In this way, Alessandro continues to be reserved regarding personal and family aspects, maintaining a discreet stance in the face of media attention. Likewise, there are other issues on which he does speak loud and clear, such as the controversy that surrounds Bárbara Rey and the king emeritus, Juan Carlos I. Especially after the controversial statements that the ex-vedette's son is making on television.

“That a son photographs his mother when she has sexual relations with another man when he is 18 years old It approaches incest. I have no words to describe what we are seeing.“said a few days ago the ex of Ana Obregón and Antonia Dell'Atte.