Alessandro Lequio, about the secret daughter of Juan Carlos I: “My family knew it, but they deny it”

This Thursday we woke up with the news that the King Juan Carlos could have a secret daughter, younger than the infantas and the King Felipe VIcalled Alexandra. Some journalists point directly to Alejandra de Rojaswhich is precisely a cousin of Maria Palaciosthe woman of Alessandro Lequio.

The Italian count, who is also a great-nephew of the king emeritus, has a lot to say about it: “My family knew it.” However, he has clarified that he is talking about his wife’s family, not the Bourbon.

By the way, the former Ana Obregon He has taken the opportunity to deny the rumours: “It is a rumor that touches me closely. The rumor is denied in my wife’s family and we do not give it any credibility (…) They are outdated rumors that we have never given credibility”.

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In addition, he has pointed out about Alejandra: “I doubt the veracity of that information because I do not see any Bourbon traits in that face.” Despite denying it, the commentator joked about it: “Although knowing the character, the king, I wouldn’t be surprised.”

Alejandra de Rojas was born 43 years ago in the bosom of a marriage formed by Charo Palacioswho was a favorite model and muse of Elio Bernhayery Eduardo de Rojas Ordonezthe fifth Count of Montarco, founder of the Falange together with Jose Antonio Primo de Rivera. “This girl speaks with great pride about her father and her mother, and it seems risky to me to talk about her being the designated one…”, Lequio added.

Alejandra de Rojas is well known in the Madrid jet set. She not only has ties with the woman from Lequio, but also, for example, with Hope Aguirresince the former president of the Community of Madrid is her husband’s aunt, Beltran Cavero.

Alejandra de Rojas’s mother, as we said, was the favorite model and muse of Elio Bernhayerwho was one of the head designers of the Queen Sofia. Sources of all solvency tell Informalia that for a time Charo herself frequently visited Zarzuela, but she stopped appearing there from one day to the next. Alejandra is also a close friend of Maria Zuritaniece of King Juan Carlos and daughter of the infanta margarita.

This would be the fourth affiliation attributed to Doña Sofía’s husband outside of their marriage. Ingrid Sartiau, Maria Alexandra y Albert Sola Jimenez They are the other people who have been talked about over the years.