Aless Lequio’s girlfriend refused to have the offspring of her dead boyfriend

Confirmation that the new daughter of Ana Obregon is actually his granddaughter has once again brought to the fore Carolina Monkthe young businesswoman with whom Aless Lequio He was in a romantic relationship when he died. Unaware of the tragic end that awaited them, and like any young couple, they talked about their plans for the future and their desire to start a family, to have children, knowing that Aless’s semen was safe in a bank in Madrid. After her death, they talked to Carolina about going ahead with these plans, that is, having a child inseminated with the deceased’s sperm, but she refused.

“At that moment, Aless leaves a girlfriend, not just parents, and there was talk of the girlfriend fulfilling that last wish”, has revealed Beatriz Cortázar. “She is left alone, they had a life plan, they had talked about having a family and having her children… Carolina’s wish was to have him with him, it was something they had thought about together. She doesn’t want to have a child on her own, she doesn’t see herself with the ability to fulfill Aless’s wish because it wasn’t what they had imagined.”has explained.

Ana and Carolina were thick and thin. Together they accompanied Aless in the fight against cancer and mourned her death, disconsolate for her. Many were surprised by their estrangement and even the definitive break in their friendship and this, apparently, could be the answer: Carolina refused to have Aless’s child, something that forced Ana to look for other, more complex options. “The relationship between them is non-existent.”

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It has been three years since the death of Aless and the one who was his girlfriend, Carolina, has redone her life with Alejandro Lopera, whom she marries in October. Monje’s environment has assured in Week that the young woman is going through some very difficult days: “All this removes many things for her.” The young woman, who has closed her social networks after the information tsunami, said goodbye to Aless shortly after his death with an emotional letter on Instagram: “All our plans for the future ended at that moment. But deep down I know that you are here With me, I know, I feel you very close and I know that we will always be together. You have given all of us who surrounded you a lesson in life, for all that you squandered: strength, happiness, love, sense of humor, charisma, intelligence, wisdom, knowing how to be, a friend of your friends and best of all, is that you are and will be the best boyfriend that anyone could wish for”.