Aless Lequio confessed in 2017 that he wanted to be a father at 30, the age he would be now

The theories about the paternity of the new daughter of Ana Obregonwho has come into the world thanks to surrogacy, have made it necessary to pull the newspaper library to confirm if, as some have assured, being a father was one of the wishes that Aless Lequio he was unable to comply because of cancer. We found the answer in 2017, when the actress’s son gave an interview telling what her future plans were.

“In 2022 I will be 30 years old and by then I hope to have completed a master’s degree that I plan to do. I will be a father four years after starting it”said in The reason. Aless passed away in May 2020, at the age of 27, and his mother has already warned: “The only thing that has kept me here is to follow my son’s legacy and fulfill the dreams that he could not.”

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The young man had three projects in mind: create a foundation to raise money and do research against cancer, publish a book, and be a father. The first two have been successfully achieved: last February, Ana Obregón presented the Aless Lequio Foundation, and ‘El chico de las musarañas’ goes on sale on April 19, with three chapters written by the young businessman and the rest by her mother, a part that, they say, answers all the unknowns that have arisen after the actress’s new maternity.

Until then, everything is conjecture about who could be the biological father of the creature that Ana entrusted to a surrogate in Miami, although some are clear and speak about it shamelessly. The last one, Carmen Lomana: “What I am sure of is that this carrier woman has been inseminated with her son’s semen. I have it clear because it is the only thing I see that has a reason for being. Ana is going to be a grandmother and Lequio too. I think that she, in her desperation, must have thought that it was a way to continue having her son.”