Aless and his desire to “have children, even though he is no longer here”: these were the heartbreaking words of the young man, according to Obregón in his book

This Wednesday, April 19, it is launched The boy with the shrewsthe book that Ana Garcia Obregon he finished writing using the 72 pages his son wrote about his illness. All profits from copyright will go to the Foundation Aless Lequiowhich raises money for cancer research.

This book was one of the last wills of the young entrepreneur, who passed away on May 13, 2020 from Ewing’s sarcoma. The other two: the foundation itself and having offspring, just like the protagonist of Ana and the 7 revealed in his famous exclusive in the greeting magazine, putting as a witness of that will to Alessandro Lequio: “He told his father and me orally a week before he died,” he said.

In the book, the actress and presenter gives more details about how this conversation took place in the Barcelona hospital where the young man spent his last days of life: “Mom, dad… If something happens to me, remember the sample I left in the laboratory in New York. I want to have children, even though I’m gone. It’s my wish… Promise me you’ll do it… Please”. Picking up on these words, Ana also reveals that her son left samples of her sperm in New York, and not only in Barcelona where graphic material was obtained of Aless and her father entering the fertility clinic.

Ana complied with this supposed last will of the young man by having, on March 20, the little girl Ana Sandra Lequio Obregón by surrogacy in Miami, where this method is legal. “It is a unique and miraculous pact that we made in your last week of life in the hospital. It was your last wish, it is not your book or your Foundation, and I swear that I will comply with it, however unattainable and difficult it may seem, because it is the pact that gives meaning to my heartbeat and spares my life every day,” says Obregón.

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At the time of closing the book, the little girl had not yet arrived in the world: “Soon I will have your daughter, my granddaughter, in my arms. Her name will be Ana Sandra. My heart will be full of love and emotion when I hug her, […] My boy of the shrews, I will no longer continue dying in this slow death, now I will empty myself of painful landscapes because your daughter will lend me your smile and your heart. Now I want to live.”