Alejandro Sanz is honest about his “difficult personal learning” two months after his worrying message on networks

Alejandro Sanz He has left behind the concerns that alarmed his followers a few months ago with an enigmatic message on social networks. On that occasion, the artist openly confessed that he was not “well”. “I’m sad and tired,” he wrote on Twitter.

After, came the blow of his break with Rachel Valdés, with whom he had been in a relationship for more than four years. According to her, she transcended, the Cuban artist left the house they shared in Madrid and since then each one has lived separately from her.

However, the artist has continued to work on himself, especially to take care of his mental health. This is how he told it this morning in a tweet: “I am living a moment of incredible personal learning. It is the most amazing trip I have made in my life. The most difficult but the one that is taking me to the most beautiful landscapes I have ever seen on my inner planet.

“Cheer up… get to know yourself and don’t listen to the monologist who lives in your head saying stupid things. Remember that joy is an attitude and happiness is a utopian state of mind,” adds the interpreter of My friend in his message full of positivity.

His followers have applauded these words from Sanz and have been happy about his recovery. “How beautiful it is to read these things from within, from your life and from your days, we love you with our soul, Alejandro, thank you for these words. Your interior is our favorite planet,” they wrote to him.