Alejandro Sanz and Mónica Cruz plan to lock themselves together at Christmas: we know where (and also why)

The news of their special relationship has been the bombshell of Christmas. Now many claim that the little sister of Penelope Cruz y Alejandro Sanz They had been trying to get them together for months but the truth is that their thing didn't come up that long ago. According to Informalia people close to Monica Cruzthe actress and the singer began to feel that theirs was going from a friendship to something more after the summer.

He had just broken up with Rachel Valdes and began to heal his broken heart. He was single and has always been very successful so he went with one woman and another until he began to notice the sister of his friend Penelope. Mónica, nine years younger than her new love, has always been a fan of Alejandro; but it was a few months ago when she began to see him as something more.

“Suddenly the spark began to emerge. Not even they expected it. They were the first to be surprised,” they point out. But after meeting one day came another and another until they realized that they liked being together. So much so that this Christmas they are planning to spend it on the farm he has in Jarandilla De la Vera, in Extremadura. “Alejandro loves being there, away from prying eyes and among friends. And this year he has also invited Mónica. They want to be there for a few days, calm, without pressure and with family,” they tell us. And, as it could not be otherwise on these endearing dates, they take their children.

Alejandro Sanz's secret place in Extremadura

The farm is Alejandro's secret place. A dream property of more than 32 hectares of oak and chestnut forest. In addition, it has a half-hectare orchard, a citrus and fruit garden, an olive grove of 300 olive trees that produces about 4,500 kilos of olives each year, and a vineyard plantation.

It doesn't lack anything: it has a pond and a pool next to the main house, among other elements that make up the pleasant complex. Most of the land has automatic irrigation. Is called “The dream of the Parrales” because Sanz has been and is very happy there, where he spends all the time he can. The house, inside, is also wonderful.

The main house has 386 meters spread over two floors. On the ground floor there are three bedrooms with bathroom and a guest toilet, as well as an open space with a kitchen and dining area and a pleasant living room with a stone fireplace. On the upper floor is the singer's room, a suite with a bathroom and dressing room; This floor also includes a living room, office and a reading room that offers impressive panoramic views of the living room.

In the old stable there is a auxiliary house of 276 meters squares. It has two bedrooms, with en-suite bathrooms, living room and kitchen. As if this were not enough, there is still more. The largest building on the estate houses a loft. It is a large open space with large windows that has all the current comforts where a perfect balance is achieved between the functional and the aesthetic.

The floor houses a spacious living room with industrial touches and an open kitchen, with a sculptural extractor fan, in addition to the dining area, a bedroom with a bathroom and the service room with a toilet; On the upper floor there are 4 bedrooms with bathroom. Next to one of its facades, an immense terrace has been proposed under a bucolic grapevine that allows you to enjoy the wonderful panoramic view that the surroundings offer.

It is not strange that Alejandro wants to spend Christmas there with his new love and his family. It is not even ruled out that more friends go, like Penelope and Bardem, since their friendship goes back years and now they are almost family. That's why he and Monica know each other. And also because the brother of the Cross He was working for Sanz on some of his tours.