Alejandra Rubio's warning to Jeimy, Carlo Costanzia's ex: “You don't know where you've gotten yourself”

This Friday, Carlo Costanzia y Alejandra Rubio They have finally confirmed that they are in a relationship, something that was already evident. However, they have asked for time and media to not be overwhelming: “We are getting to know each other. We have met recently. Obviously you have brought it out first. What will happen next will be seen. It would be great and wonderful if we could have something a little normal and calmer. And that's it. You can't define everything by a kiss, right?“Carlo said to That's lifethe program where María Teresa Campos' granddaughter works.

The last few days have not only been marked by what they say or do not say, or by the reactions of their in-laws, also by the statements of Jeimythe last ex of the Italian, who this Thursday said in TardeAR: “He humiliated me and hurt me a lot. I found a conversation on the computer where I was renting an AirBnb for the weekend with some friends and I told them 'Bring girls, we're going to enjoy it.' That day I kicked him out.” home,” he said. “The situation was so stressful that I ended up hospitalized.”

After that episode, Jeimy said he received numerous messages from Carlo asking him to return home and resume their relationship. The latest ones, last Monday: “I just wanted to share my dreams and my life with you”wrote the actor and model. “I will never love anyone the way I love you and only God knows this”, read Ana Rosa Quintana directly from her guest's cell phone. This day, Carlo had already begun his banter with Alejandra, who claimed to know nothing about this topic: “I have not seen those conversations and I have not seen any messages,” he said.

Alejandra Rubio responded to Carlo's ex this Friday from the set of That's life: “You don't know what you've gotten yourself into, really”he said, in reference to the media interest that Costanzia's young ex is now going to arouse. “They are going to hurt you”, he stressed about the television world. To sentence: “I, for my part, am not going to give my opinion, nor am I going to harm him”.