Alejandra Rubio's dart at her aunt, Carmen Borrego, after her latest exclusive: is the family war returning?

The war ax between Alejandra Rubio y Carmen Borrego has shone again this Wednesday. The youngest daughter of Maria Teresa Campos He has surprised with an exclusive from the family home in Marbella that his niece did not like at all: “I respect it but I do not share it. From now on, life with my grandmother remains in my privacy and I am not going to talk anymore.” .

And not only that. One of Borrego's statements has not pleased her niece too much, whom she called 'The Girl with the Curve' in the past: “At least I have my husband, but my sister is alone,” said Carmen Borrego. . Alejandra responded: “I had no idea he had done an interview. I found out this morning. The only thing to tell you something is that my mother is not alone, I go to eat at her house every day. Even if I don't live with her, I'm always there,” said Terelu Campos' daughter. “My mother is always accompanied. She is very lucky, even though she doesn't have a partner”he concluded very forcefully.

Carmen has accepted the 'scolding' (“You're right”) and has assured that she did not want to disrespect “anyone.” She has also assured that her exclusive is a way of paying tribute to her mother and that she had the approval of her sister Terelu to do it: “It would not have occurred to me to do it if she had not I would have agreed.”

The tense confrontations between aunt and niece

It is not the first time that the tension between Alejandra Rubio and Carmen Borrego manifests itself. The high-profile family breakup that took place in 2022 led them to star in headlines and television news stories. The confrontation between aunt and niece was such that they even gave each other some offensive nicknames in the corridors of Mediaset: Alejandra was 'The Girl on the Curve' and Carmen was 'Dracula's Coachman'. An animosity that they resolved for the good of the matriarch and Terelu herself but that, apparently, is not completely forgotten.