Alejandra Rubio stands up for Carlo Costanzia after his latest controversy: “He is not aggressive”

The daughter of have him He defended his boy this Friday, after Jeimythe Italian’s ex, will report on Ana Rosa’s program that the actor Toy Boy He showed up at her house in a bad manner and began to insult her while shouting: “He was out of his mind.” Alejandra Rubio He has denied everything: “I am not going to allow this to continue being said and leaving Carlo as an aggressive person.” or that he raises chickens, that if he is guilty of all this because he has rebuked her… because that is not the case. Carlo is not like that.”

The gathering of This is life She seemed very angry: “This image they give of him is absurd. I already told you that Carlo does not show up to shout at anyone on a balcony”. Alejandra claims that her boyfriend only wanted to collect his personal belongings from the house she had shared with Jeimy and had tried other ways without success. He did appear at the house without warning, but he did not insult her ex, as she claimed.

It is not the first time that Alejandra stands up to Jeimy. This Friday she insisted on her reasons: “I have nothing against you, I say that things are not like that, that Carlo is not an aggressive person and that he should be left alone.”

Shouting in the street

Jeimy’s version of what happened a few days ago at the door of his house. According to the young woman, Carlo showed up at her house unannounced with the intention of going up and collecting some of her things. She prevented him from doing so and the Italian actor unleashed her anger: “He was out of his mind.”

Jeimy did not open the door to his house and he began to insult her from the street, according to her version: “I don’t want to see him or talk to him and we started arguing. I was on the balcony and he was on the street. He was out of his mind.” “He shouted very ugly things at me and my family,” he revealed. “He’s never been like that with me before. He went too far. I told him that if he didn’t leave I would call the police and he left.” However, the story did not stop there: “A little later, he called me on the phone to apologize. “He told me that he just wanted to talk things over calmly, that he was sorry, and he also called my parents to apologize,” he said.