Alejandra Rubio receives the support of her ex before the delicate state of her grandmother, María Teresa Campos

The Campos family is receiving the support of their closest friends in view of the delicate state of health of Maria Teresa. They have moved to the Jiménez Díaz hospital in Madrid Rocio Carrasco y Fidel Albiac, Alexander Rubioy Belen Rodriguez.

We have also been able to see Carlos Alguerathe ex of Alexandra Rubio. Despite the fact that the young people ended their relationship at the beginning of this year, the man from Malaga wanted to wrap up the granddaughter of the veteran journalist in these difficult moments.

carmen borrego she is also with her family, her husband Jose Carlos Bernal And your daughter Carmen Almoguera. In addition, next to María Teresa is also Gustavohis driver and right-hand man who he also considers his son.

The 82-year-old great communicator was admitted urgently this Sunday morning due to a picture of acute respiratory failure, as reported by the health center in an official statement. At the moment, his prognosis is reserved, within gravity.