Alejandra Rubio and Carlo Costanzia kiss each other in the middle of the street

Young, handsome and… in love? The daughter of Terelu Campos and the son of Sea Flowers They have become the new surprise couple of the season or, at least, one of the most unexpected covers. Magazine Week publishes this Tuesday images in which Alejandra Rubio (23) y Carlo Costanzia (31) kiss each other in the middle of the street and judging by the familiarity and complicity reflected in the photographs, it was not the first time they had done it. The protagonist of the story has already given her first statements after being caught: “We're not dating.”.

Not dating but getting to know each other, a lot, of course. The images were taken a few days ago in a shopping center with very little traffic during the week. Alejandra and Carlo met for a drink on one of their terraces: she, a drink; him, a soft drink. And between talks and laughter they gave free rein to their passion with caresses, hands and some double diamond kisses. Terelu Campos' daughter has assured TardeAR that she did not know that they were being photographed and she affirms that they are not dating: “We are getting to know each other”. Furthermore, he added: “He's a really good guy.”

And he says this because the actor and model is not going through his best period. Last September, Carlo was sentenced to 21 months in prison for the crime of aggravated fraud in a network of buying and selling high-end cars. The interpreter of Toy Boy He has always defended his innocence and claims that he was deceived by his partner: “I always believed that the business was legal.” Proof of this is that he has returned a large part of the swindled amount to the victims to repair the damage.

It is not the first time that the actor has had problems with the law. The model spent the night in October 2022 in a prison after being stopped in a traffic stop. In November he was granted a third-degree regime with a telematic bracelet that he has worn since then and which requires him to be located by the authorities at all times. Currently, he follows a rehabilitation program to overcome his addictions: “I don't want to justify my actions, but when I commit these crimes I am neither in my right mind nor in my senses. I also say this, in a certain sense, with shame. “I'm not glad I had all the addiction problems I've had my entire life, I'm glad I overcame them and I'm glad that, today, I'm completely clean,” he said.