Alccer, in his presentation with Villarreal: “Forwards are goals”



If I do not join in a game I notice that I have missed something, affirms the most expensive signing in the history of the Castellón club, which aims to improve the numbers of previous years

Alccer takes a selfie during his presentation.

Paco Alccer (Torrent, 1993) Not to be the player who best dribbles, the fastest or the one with the highest quality in his boots but has a goal, a gift that pays dearly. The Villarreal He has had to make the largest disbursement in its history (25 million euros) to sign a striker whose goals he dropped last season. There were 19 in 32 games, most of which he did not even start, to finish averaging a goal every 86 minutes. That way he was in the present course (seven goals in the first six games) until an injury and Lucien Favre closed the goal door, his great obsession.

What is in my hand I will try to give it one hundred percent and give the team what I can. In the end, the strikers are goals, the player said during his presentation with Villarreal, with whom he hopes to live the best years. I always try to improve the numbers of the previous season. I do not mark a figure because I lie, what is in my hand I will try to give it to improve numbers of previous years, said a player obsessed with the goal.

It's the striker's job, scoring goals. Every time I leave a game and I don't have to put up with my family. I always leave a little sad, I notice that I have missed something. It is important that the team wins but it is also important to add, add a striker who has scored 88 goals in the 244 games Who has disputed as a professional. An account that hopes to start gaining weight as soon as possible with Villarreal. I am clear that I come to contribute my grain of sand, try to make the maximum possible goals for the team and win the maximum of matches because the idea of ​​the club and the players is to be in Europe next year.

Alccer thanked his new teammates how they received me and Villarreal, the effort he made to make me here. His landing in the locker room has been favored by the acquaintances he already had in the team, among which he is Santi Cazorla, I also compare in the Spanish selection. I knew Santi from years ago and I have a very good relationship with him, he has also helped me make the decision. It helps that a partner of this weight admires you and has that desire to come. The Villarreal also had them, given the economic effort he has made. After Toko left we were looking for a striker. I think Paco is a great forward, we have made an important economic effort and he will help us to add. We are going to have a very complete lead, indicated Fernando Roig. I just have to thank you for all the effort you have made for me, the illusion to bring me. Today was the first day I have been in the club and I am delighted, Alccer said, that he was convinced that I was not wrong in this decision.

About the rumors that linked him to Valencia This same winter market, the striker passed over. They are hypothetical cases. The only thing I say is that I am very happy to be here, Villarreal has made a great effort and I have to return it in the field, the forward said.

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