Alcaine, about a professional league: “The idea is to follow in the footsteps of men's football”

The professionalization of the Primera Iberdrola seems to be nearing completion. And, with it, the great objective of the Association of Women's Soccer Clubs (ACFF), founded five years ago in order to “put women's football where it deserved”. “The objective is a professional soccer league with its own legal identity, new statutes and that will have nothing to do with the current ACFF, beyond the fact that its participants coincide. It would be like a new association or organism, which would be composed by law of the First Iberdrola clubs “, indicates Rubén Alcaine, president of the ACFF, in declarations to AS.

“Right now there is nothing in the law that prevents us from being professional. The idea is to follow in the footsteps of men's soccer because it is a model that we know has worked,” says Alcaine, adding: “Professionalization will allow autonomy or independence in the management of the competition. I'm not talking about the competition itself, because obviously there has to be a coordination agreement with the Federation, but there is an income level. The clubs, just as they now have obligations, must have a collection right and not depend on third parties to manage the income. “

“We hope and wish that the RFEF would not take it as an attack because it is not. This is simply the culmination of a process that started five years ago. It is absolutely necessary that the ACFF and the RFEF understand each other. We have to go hand in hand and we cannot always be on the warpath. We are wasting time and money and women's football cannot afford this. “With the unanimous support of all parties in Congress, the ACFF sees it as very possible that this measure will come soon. A few days ago they submitted a request for it in the CSD, that has the legislative power to take this measure. As AS has learned, The pertinent reports and files are already being collected in order to make this decision. Women's football waits with hope …