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The Andalusian side has already been discharged after recovering from his fifth injury since he signed for Villarreal. He has lost 21 official matches and has only been able to participate in seven

Alberto Moreno, in a training with Villarreal.

Villarreal announced Thursday that Alberto Moreno (Seville, 1992) He already has a medical discharge – also Manu Morlanes. The truth is that the Andalusian football player had already been working with the group for a couple of days and the approval of the medical staff of the club implies that he is again available to Javier Calleja, who has barely been able to enjoy some of the reinforcements of last summer .

All because of the injuries, which are making Moreno go through a real ordeal on his return to the Spanish league after a five-season journey in the Liverpool. It was precisely an ankle injury, suffered a couple of seasons ago, which truncated his career in the English club. He was away a couple of months in which Andrew Robertson, a Scottish side that had made the leap from the subsidiary, took the position and no longer released him, unfortunately for the Villarreal player today, who then described the situation as unfair. “I did not like that Klopp opted for Robertson, I think I deserved some chance after recovering,” he said then.

Relegated to the replacement since then and with an almost testimonial participation with Liverpool, he opted for change of air last summer, after finalizing his contract with the English club. However, the injuries are bitter his first year with Villarreal, to the point that they have already lost no less than 21 official matches with the yellow team.

Alberto Moreno's physical problems appeared already in preseason. The first was a contracture in the hamstrings of his right leg suffered in the first summer friendly, against West Bromwich Albiol. After participating in the match against Augsburg, some new discomfort at the end of July, in this case in the left leg ischios made him miss the next two friendlies, against Cologne and Schalke 04. Apparently recovered, he reappeared in the match played in La Nucía but just three days later the discomfort in the hamstrings of the left leg reappeared they left him out in the final stretch of the preseason and in the premiere league against Granada to be in the process of retraining as a result of myofascial damage to the biceps femoris of the left leg.

Even so, he arrived in time to debut in the league on the second day, against Levante, before suffering a new injury. August 26 was a sprain in ankle synovitis and proximal tibioperoneum with muscle rupture in the external twin of the right leg, suffered during a training, which left him out of combat another six games.

His reappearance occurred in Cornellà and the next day he also played the entire match against Alavés, two games settled with victory, but a new injury in a training sent him back to the infirmary. This time it was a myofascial grade I-II damage to the biceps femoris of his left leg, the same problem he had already had in the preseason and on the same leg. That injury caused his longest absence, two months in which he lost eight league games and the Copa premiere against Comillas.

Alberto Moreno had to wait until the new year to reappear and chain, for the first time, three straight games with Villarreal, although half an hour after the duel against Alavés he retired as a result of a new injury. In this case it was a 1-2 degree muscle break in the biceps femoris of his right leg that has left him out of the last three league games and the Copa crosses against Rayo and Mirandés. With the medical discharge already in your hand you will have to see if the Andalusian player can finally have the continuity that he has missed the last two years.


The Champions League, three years later

Villarreal can return to Champions League positions three years later, since the last time he was in the top four was in December 2016. For this he needs to win at the home of Atlético de Madrid this Sunday and that Sevilla Don't win your duel at Getafe.

Specifically, the Javi Calleja team does not occupy these positions since the sixteenth day of the 2016-2017 season, in which it finished as fourth ranked after winning Sporting de Gijón in El Molinón by 1-3 and with Fran Escribá in the Villarreal bench.

After that day, three years and two months have passed without the Castellón team having been able to return to these places, always being further than near them for some time now.

Villarreal faces this day at two points of the Champions League positions, so almost one thousand two hundred days later he sees himself with options to settle again in these positions.

In favor of the yellows is their good performance as visitors, since they have won in complicated fields such as Sánchez Pizjuán, Anoeta or Mendizorroza.

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