Alberto and Charlene from Monaco promote their marriage at a rugby match (in ‘PDA’ mode)

Straight, cold, unalterable and always firm. Alberto and Charlene from Monaco are allergic to public displays of love (PDA). For this reason, it has attracted so much attention that the prince hugged his wife from behind at a public event. The gesture, unprecedented in this marriage, is preceded by a powerful noise of separation in the palace.

Albert II had to come forward to stop the increasingly numerous comments about his marital crisis. So much so that it was even commented that the former South African swimmer no longer lived in Monaco, but that she had settled in Switzerland. Wow, they lived separate lives. The prince chose the Corriere della Sera to settle this matter and confirmed that Charlene is “always” by his side. Furthermore, he noted that he did not understand where “those rumors” came from. “They hurt me,” she said.

That is the line of communication and the head of the Grimaldi house remains on this. This Sunday the 10th he was seen in the final of the Rugby World Cup, which was played in Marseille. Alberto, who was occupying her seat in the box next to her wife, put his arm around her back and hugged her. The former swimmer, with an absent and almost melancholic look, remained next to him.

Charlene was admitted to an exclusive Swiss clinic, between October 2021 and March 2022, to recover from chronic fatigue. During those months and her subsequent convalescence, she was away from the public spotlight. Charlene disappeared from official events. It was almost six months of invisibility and absence.