Albert Rivera talks about how “devastated” Begoña Villacís is after the death of her brother and makes a request

This Tuesday came the worst news for Begoña Villacís: the death of her brother Borja due to a shooting. Informalia spoke with the former vice mayor of Madrid shortly after learning what happened and, with a broken voice over the phone, she thanked us for our condolences and conveyed her strength to us: “I am with my parents at this moment.”

On social networks, José Luis Martínez-Almeida’s former number 2 in the Madrid council has also said goodbye to her brother: “Goodbye, my child. Take care of us,” she wrote. This Friday, the person who spoke about Begoña and how she is is Albert Rivera, his former party partner.

The former leader of the orange formation has assured that Villacís is “devastated” and has made a request to the press to “let her live these moments in peace with her family.” Rivera and Villacís were not only teammates in the orange party, but they are united by a great friendship that has remained despite the former Malú’s departure from politics. In fact, last summer they were together in Ibiza with other friends with whom they enjoyed the summer season. In times as complicated as these, Villacis’s friends are pouring themselves into her and her family members.

At home, Villacís counts on the people who will help him cope with this traumatic episode. These are her daughters, Paula, Jimena and Inés, the result of her marriage to the lawyer Antonio Suárez-Valdés, whom she divorced in 2020 after 15 years of marriage.

Borja, the youngest of Begoña’s brothers, was linked to the Real Madrid radical group Ultras Sur since his university days. He recently attended the funeral of a band member. 20 years ago he was arrested accused of brutally attacking a young man. He and others arrested were sentenced to six months in prison. And now, in 2024, he was accused in a case of drug trafficking and large-scale money laundering in the Central Court of Instruction number 5 of the National Court (supposedly for a cocaine theft in Valencia). One day after the murder in Madrid, the police arrested the three suspects of perpetrating the crime and the first hypotheses were confirmed: everything points to a settling of accounts between members of a dangerous drug trafficking clan.