Albert Rivera no longer hides: this is how he talks about Carla Cotterli, his new girlfriend

The politician has turned the page. After his breakup with Little one last March, Albert Rivera A relationship has begun from which he no longer hides: “I'm starting with a girl. Life is about stages and I want to take it easy”, he said this Monday. Of course, he has made it clear that neither Malú nor Carla Cotterli: “The loves of my life are my two daughters, Daniela and Lucía”.

The former leader of Ciudadanos visited this Monday 100% Unique and has undergone unfiltered interrogation by 30 reporters with autism spectrum disorder. One of them asked him how he met Malú: “I met her at a concert in Barcelona, ​​they introduced me to her at the end of the concert. We started a friendship at that time in 2015 or 2016 and then we maintained the friendship but we had no relationship because each one had their own couple. And then I was single, and so was she, we started talking and seeing each other and that's where that relationship arose.” Rivera added: “The truth is that it has been a wonderful relationship for almost five years. We have had Lucía, who is one of the loves of my life. Life is made up of stages and you have to get the good out of each of them. In the end, your daughter's mother or your daughters' mothers are also always family.”

Albert has two daughters, Daniela, 12, and Lucía, three: “It's complicated because the eldest lives in Barcelona and the youngest in Madrid. Daniela comes to see me at least once a month, I have Lucía closer “I try to be with them as much as I can and above all I try for them to be together,” he said. “They adore each other.” They are, now, his most important project: “I think quality time should be given to children, they deserve it. I play a lot with them. The oldest plays on a soccer team and the youngest loves hide-and-seek,” has counted.

And between the time he dedicates to his daughters and his work, Albert makes time for love: “I'm starting with a girl. Life is stages and I want to take it easy,” he confessed. The lucky one is Carla Cotterli, a well-known influencer with whom he enjoyed a few passionate days in Ibiza last July.