Albert Rivera, after his ‘hot’ catch in Ibiza with Aysha Daraaui: “Who cares what he does?”

The ex of Little one He became one of the protagonists of the day this Wednesday for his maritime games with Aysha Daraaui. After denying his relationship with the Catalan actress, the images left no room for doubt: the two embraced in the Mediterranean while she ‘ate’ his ear. A stamp that has generated a barrage of messages and memes on social networks and to which the former leader of Ciudadanos has reacted emphatically through social networks.

“Who cares what I do? Who cares what I say?” Fangoria said in one of the most famous songs in his repertoire, the same one he has chosen Albert Rivera this Thursday to accompany a video sailing from a yacht. A very clear message to all those who comment these days on her special friendship with the actress Aysha Daraui, who denied her relationship with Rivera through her representative: “There is no relationship, it is news based on speculation and malicious images taken out of context “.

He was also very upset when asked about the issue on the Pitiusa island: “But what question is that? I never talk to the gossip, nor about my life. I have never done it and I will not do it “, he responded to a reporter. Her environment also commented that Albert was very upset by this information.

Daraaui is Rivera’s first known relationship after his breakup with Malú, with whom he has a three-year-old daughter (Lucía). Aysha is a Catalan actress of Moroccan origin and 35 years old, eight years younger than Albert. She has worked in series such as El inocente, with Mario Casas, or in the film You will not kill, also starring the heartthrob from A Coruña. Before starting in the world of acting, she worked as an event organizer in Mexico and as a child caretaker in Indonesia.