Alba Carrillo uncovers Santi Burgoa: “He is dangerous, he was unfaithful to me and he has been to Vanesa Romero”

the romance between Santi Burgoa y Vanessa Romero has stunned Alba Carrillo, that if last Wednesday he already announced that the journalist kept asking him for a second chance (“he warmed my ear and I was already with her”), this Friday he has thrown the remains. Feliciano’s ex has assured that the journalist was unfaithful to her and that both she and the ‘other’ have called the actress to explain what the real Santi Burgoa is like.

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Alba explained that hours after the love story of her ex and Vanesa Romero was published in the magazines, she received a message from a girl who had been with him while he was already with the actress from the one that is coming and, at the same time, he begged Alba herself to resume their courtship. This girl, B., told him that he had been with Burgoa while he was with her, showing him a series of tests and data that left no room for doubt. The presenter would have combined B. with Vanesa Romero and B., very upset, wanted the model to know the truth. “I feel cheated, super sad, for me Santi was like my family and I’m having a very bad time. I’ve gotten a fever and I’m sick to my stomach,” confessed Alba, who revealed that after learning of the relationship between Santi y B., decided to go to the journalist’s house to ask for explanations and listen to his version because, as he has admitted, he still trusted him and refused to admit his betrayal.

Shattered, B. decided to accompany her so that she could face them in front of both of them and what was the model’s surprise when, after opening the door for them, Burgoa hit them in the nose with it. “He treated us like garbage”, Alba assured that, despite her disappointment with Santi and assuring that she does not want to know anything about him, she feels obliged to tell what happened, “because we have to discover these types of people who They are extremely dangerous.”

For this reason, and willing for the presenter not to harm more women, the model and B. have called Vanesa Romero by phone to warn her of her boyfriend’s modus operandi but, as she has said, “the voice mail went off and the The poor thing will be finding out now and she must be anguished,” she said. “If you want to call me, I’ll explain things and show you the evidence, but I don’t want to know anything more about Santi because I feel cheated, it hurts me as a person and I don’t want to know more. But I think that as a person I don’t deserve what has happened and don’t give me an explanation”, she concluded, visibly hurt and disappointed with her ex-boyfriend.