Alba Carrillo takes revenge on her boss and uses Ana Rosa’s son: “Why don’t they record him?”

The success of the recent spring festival held by the staff working for Ana Rosa Quintana in his production company, Unicorn, he does not finish burying the informative interest of the previous party held at Christmas. It was then that Alba Carrillo had a passionate night with the then collaborator, Jorge Perez, Married with four children. The reporter does not want the party to be forgotten and she is now pointing to Ana Rosa’s son, who from what she says also had a “very good time” that night, without clarifying how much good it was and whether alone or accompanied.

The controversy of the Christmas party never seems to go extinct. Alba Carrillo is not going to allow it while she is still standing, and this weekend she has launched a new taunt at the veteran communicator and head of the AR production company.

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In addition to wondering aloud why at the last spring party, held inside the La Borda del Mentidero restaurant, mobile phones were not allowed at all, while at Christmas they could be used at will, and they were the culprits to show with images the “passionate kisses” moment of the model with the former civil guard.

Through a post by Cristina Tarrega On Ana Rosa’s party, Alba has not been cut off and has forcefully commented: “Hasn’t anyone been recorded this time? Wow, I always miss the good stuff!”. In her own Instagram post, Carrillo explained that her intention was not to throw taunts, “it was a joke in a jocular tone” and that she did not want to “throw firewood,” she said.

In the clarification that the model has made through a storie, she reflects on the prohibition of mobile phones at the last party, and explains that she has not “thrown any darts at anyone. I am very amused that there were mobile phones at the company party in Christmas only to record me, but not to record other people, such as Ana Rosa’s son, who also had a great time,” referring to the 36-year-old lawyer Alvaro Rojoson of Ana Rosa and the journalist red alfonso.