Alba Carrillo returns to Spain from her trip to the Riviera Maya: Is she in love again?

After putting our long teeth on a trip to the scandalous Riviera Maya with influencers of the national scene, Alba Carrillo He returned to Madrid this Saturday with a smile on his face. We were able to talk to her and ask her about the rumors of a breakup between her ex, Santi Burgoa y Vanessa Romero, denied by both him and the actress There is no one living here.

Carrillo was ironic assuring us that she does not know who Vanesa and Santi are, reflecting her indifference to what may happen to them: “I know who they are, I really don’t care, I come from the Riviera Maya, how will you understand those people you have told me? Said I don’t even know who it is.

The model has confessed to us that she cannot give them any advice: “Oops! I’m not here to give advice”, yes, if the interpreter and Alba’s ex decided to get married and invite her to the link, she would attend: “If they invite me I don’t say no to a good celebration”.

The scandal with Jorge Pérez

Finally, Alba has played with ambiguity and has let us know that she has a new illusion: “No, love is not there, it is here”, but misleads by letting it fall that she could have resumed a relationship from the past: “O old, who knows”.

After the scandal that he starred in with Jorge Perez At the end of last year, we have not heard anything about Alba’s life. Although she has been linked to some familiar face from The island of temptations It seems that he continues to enjoy his bachelorhood and in his plans it would not be to fall in love again. Or if.