Alba Carrillo, composed and jobless, victim of the darts of Jorge Pérez’s wife

Alice Pena He has not elaborated in statements since five months ago all of Spain saw on video the fooling around that they maintained Alba Carrillo and her husband, Jorge Perez, at the Christmas party of the production company where they worked, Unicorn, but it seems that, as time goes by and the heart heals, the wife of the former civil guard has more fluency when it comes to telling her version. At least on social media. She promises to do it in another medium “but all at her time”, she clarifies just now that Alba has been fired from Mediaset for being in person Operation Deluxe.

This same week, the coach published some images of a night out with her boy: “First evening alone in a looooong time”, wrote. And after the comments from her followers, she has not missed the opportunity to drop the occasional dart at the model. “Congratulations on being able to overcome something so hard,” she began by saying one. And she answered him: “Hard, no, very hard. Now from a distance and following our objective from the first day we saw what was happening. We looked back and it was: ‘There are no words’. But focus where they guided us from the minute one of the professionals”.

Of course, the thing does not end there, because after the first comment, many others came who focused the conversation even more on what happened between her husband, Jorge Perez y Alba Carrillo and that gave for hours and hours of television. “Congratulations and be very happy. You deserve it. Everyone makes mistakes and regret helps a lot,” another follower comments. And Alicia follows the thread: “Exactly! But not the errors that have been counted. Our version will be known, of course, but we have to wait,” she tells him. coach referring to the dlawsuit that they have filed against Alba and Marta López, the two people who spoke the most about what happened that night of the Christmas party, not only at the party but after it, when, according to the defendants, Jorge went to Marta’s home and allegedly went back to being with Alba.

And now comes the strongest. One of her followers writes to Alicia: “Jorge should have realized that these women are unpresentable.” And another one follows: “Don’t remove Alicia anymore. Let it be. You are together and she already remembers: she has more experience than you in these media and it’s not even worth it. All you’re going to do is give her the prominence she wants. Leave it past, past.”

And Alicia, instead of not responding to these attacks on Alba, blurts out: “That’s why we act differently. Silence and good professionals. You can never pick up those strings. Thank you very much from the bottom of my heart.” And he continues: “The past is past, but we still cannot forget that since we are working on it together with the law of cause and effect that is always fulfilled. That is why it is so important to build the marriage on the rock for when hurricanes come So, hold on tight.” And she concludes: “We have to pass it and there is still a way to go because our silence is for something, but on the right path, not where they take us.”

Alicia and Jorge Pérez experienced a real personal earthquake when some images of the former civil guard fooling around and kissing, or so it seemed, Alba Carrillo were made public. At first they both talked about the issue, assuring that nothing had happened, but the truth is that it only took two days for Alba Carrillo and Marta López, who was with them, to finally say that they had ended up “getting involved” at the house of the former big sister

The subject gave rise to many gatherings and many versions were heard. Except for the protagonist. Jorge decided to retire and keep his family out of television programs. In fact, they offered him a lot of money to give his version and he was accompanied by his wife to Déjate querer, the Paz Padilla program, upon payment. But she said the last word will be with the courts. Now that the issue was much calmer, Alicia is the one who shoots at Alba. We’ll see what her response is.

“I feel like a leper”

In February, a tempting offer of money opened the mouth of the winner of survivors and both he and his wife staged their reunion and spoke to all of Spain in the program Peace Padilla.

Jorge Pérez thus returned to television accompanied by the mother of his children in a program (now disappeared) produced by the same company that promised him to be on the set of survivors. That is to say, Bulldog assured him a lot of very well-paid weeks on screen and also his wife and he got a good tip that Saturday.

“It did not happen as they have said, I was in contact with my wife that night,” Jorge said to deny Alba Carrillo and Marta López, as we have already stated, but his was not a categorical denial in which he made it clear that he did not have sex with her coworker.

“They have tried to give an image of me as sexually depraved,” he said. “The bullying of my family has been savage,” she added. Jorge assured in his reappearance that his children “could not go to school during the entire month of December” and that the hardest part of this story has been “see my wife cry every night”, he lamented. He admitted that he was completely overwhelmed: “I felt devastated, I couldn’t even walk from one chair to another,” she explained then.

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“I have felt disappointed with some of my colleagues on television,” Jorge assured, but yes, there was also some self-criticism in his testimony and he revealed that “it was up to me to stop this situation”, referring to the fooling around he had with Alba. “I am like that, I hug everything that moves, even dogs.”

The bomb interview was that of Alicia Peña, true victim of the scandal

“I have chosen the difficult path, that of silence,” said the wife of the former civil guard, breaking that silence. “I’ve come to think at times that I didn’t want to go on,” she confessed. When she found out about everything, she was “shocked and couldn’t react.” Her coach assured that she still did not know if she would forgive an infidelity: “It would be necessary to talk about it,” she said, implying that she did not take it for granted that her husband was cheating on her with Alba Carrillo.

“Jorge told me a different version from the one he gave on television,” Alicia admitted to all of Spain. “I’ve wanted to disappear,” she lamented. However, she assured emphatically: “All this has made me be closer to my husband.” Alicia Peña has spent two months of ordeal in which she has not stopped talking about the alleged infidelity of her husband. “I am very nervous, it is very difficult for me to be here because it would have been easy to go out and tell our version, to defend ourselves, but we have chosen the difficult process, that of silence,” she repeated while she broke it on television.

in front of millions of people

Alicia began her interview by explaining to Paz Padilla that both she and Jorge Pérez have a judicial process opened by gravity of the words that have been said about them on television sets.

Alicia’s voice broke, explaining that after the publication of the images of her husband with Alba Carrillo at a party, her whole world came crashing down on her: “I did not know what was happening, I was in shock, I was unable to react, not only because of what had happened with Jorge, but because of everything that was being said about me, because of the image that was being given of me. in front of millions of people.

Alicia recognized then, two and a half months ago, that she was still angry with her husband. The coach He opened up and admitted that he was not well with the father of his children: “Of course those images that came out of Jorge were tremendously painful for me, but all that was left in the background when I already see what is beginning to happen, the savage attack that there was towards normal people that are Jorge and me, even towards my parents. They made me feel horrible, not only as a professional, but also as a woman, I I felt like a leper You can’t imagine the number of women who have written to me through social networks to attack me, and then we talk about feminism”. Although Alicia and Jorge have gone through very difficult times as a couple, the influencer She said that she felt closer than ever to her husband: “I’ve had a very bad time, there have been times when I wanted to disappear, but all of this has helped me to learn more about life, to gain strength and fight, I have taken I have learned a lot from all this, things that are going to help me professionally,” he said.

Reunion of Jorge Pérez and Alicia Peña on set

In the reunion of Jorge Pérez and Alicia Peña, she defended him tooth and nail because for her the most important thing in the world is her family; however, Alicia admitted that her husband At first he told him a different version from the one he gave on television. “I did not understand why he was telling a different version on television than the one he had told me at home, he was not brave, but this is something that you will understand when the judicial process that we have open is over,” he concluded.