Alba Carrillo, after breaking her arm: “In the end I don’t have to have surgery”

The ‘curse’ of Mediaset has claimed a new victim and after the fatal falls of Belén Esteban, Lydia Lozano or Chelo García Cortés, this Sunday has been Alba Carrillo who suffered a spectacular accident. The gathering of Fiesta She was in the TV station’s hair and makeup room when she tripped over a hair dryer cord and ended up on the floor with a broken arm. This Monday, she has returned to the hospital for a review and has received good news: “There is no need to operate.”

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Wrapped up by her mother, Lucia Relativeand for his son Lucas, Alba Carrillo He has reappeared with his arm in a sling: “It was in the dumbest way, which is how the most unexpected accidents happen,” he said. “I had the cord wrapped around my foot and I got up to put my makeup on and that’s it… I fell and I don’t know how I put my hands or anything, but I broke my radio head.”

She confirmed with a smile that in the end she will not have to undergo surgery, since her injury is not as serious as initially feared: “As I am young and have good mobility, the doctor told me that I don’t have to operate I was a little panicked, but I have to put my arm in a sling and start doing some exercises, and in a week I have to come back to see the mobility and stuff. I’m very happy”, she said. “I spent the night with regular pain, but I’m strong and I have a high pain threshold”.

Alba has said that her recovery will take “about four weeks” but she will not have to rest, so she will continue with her professional commitments: “I will be able to do everything without problem. Maybe to record something like an advertisement I can take off my sling for a moment. You are going to continue watching me on TV and it gives me enormous joy because if I don’t lose my rhythm and you already know what TV is like… “, she added.