Alba, Antonio Tejado's ex, is comfortable against María del Monte: “She has never supported her nephew”

This Friday has not been an easy day for the interpreter of I sing. If first thing in the morning he went to court to testify about the robbery that he suffered in his house last August and for which his nephew has been imprisoned, at the last hour of the day he has received a good battery of darts for part of Alba Muñoz. The ex of Antonio Tejado He has reported that the boy's family has never helped him, not even in the worst moments: “María del Monte has never supported her nephew.”

Alba Muñoz has been blunt: the relationship that aunt and nephew showed to the public was only a facade. “I have been with him for six years and he has never received a call from his aunt. I have never seen a show of affection from María towards Antonio”, has said. “I have only seen María a couple of times in all these years, on my wedding day and little else.” He has also stated that it was always Tejado who approached his aunt: “He didn't do it out of interest, he really loved her and cared about pleasing her. On the honeymoon he bought her a t-shirt and we went to take her “Let's go!” The Sevillian has revealed that the relationship between them was complicated and she suffered many ups and downs. “I know that they had not spoken for a while and recently they got back in touch,” she said.

But the bullets were not only for María del Monte. Maria Joséher sister and mother of Antonio Tejado, has also received some: “I called her when he started having bad company, but they did nothing to help him.”

A portrait of Antonio

Alba has recalled her relationship with her daughter's father, whom she has described as “an absent father.” She describes her marriage as “toxic” and has recalled situations that she now regrets: “I shouldn't have allowed him to take my cell phone while I was sleeping, to make a scandal in my house when I was with a friend. …”. And she pointed out: “I felt afraid with him, I felt nullified. He got upset and I was on the verge of reporting him several times”. However, she has been cautious and even fearful when it comes to talking about these episodes: “I am not going to answer if the abuse was only verbal or also physical, because I did not report it. I called my cousin several times. , which is the Civil Guard, and the police showed up several times at my house.

In recent months, Alba received messages from Antonio in the wee hours of the morning: “They were risque messages, with sexual content. I didn't respond. I took screenshots and sent them to his mother, so she would know how her son was doing. And not only did I receive them, but also my aunt, some friends…”.